Specialised and Contract Work

Trevor Begley Specialised and Contract Work

Trevor Begley Plant Hire has a team of skilled operators/labourers available for contract work. Our skills are in civil construction, installation and commissioning of water mains, leak detection, construction of houses, pipe laying for storm water, conduit, drainage, road works and landscaping but not limited to these.

Trevor Begley Plant Hire can assist in the design and manufacturing of custom attachments made for your specific needs by our skilled service department.

All Excavators supplied with the following;

  • an experienced operator
  • a full range of digging buckets
  • a full range of grading buckets
  • Hydraulic Rock Breakers
  • Hydraulic Forks
  • Grabs
  • Trenching Attachment
  • Compaction Plates
  • Quick Hitches

NOTE: All excavators are fitted with check valves